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    St. John of San Francisco


    Born in the Ukraine in 1896, St. John first attended a military academy but when his family fled to Yugoslavia at the time of the Russian Revolution, he then switched to study theology, was tonsured a monk, and later ordained a priest.  Because of his asceticism and great zeal, he was revered by many as a truly angelic man, an icon of a true monk.  Consecrated a bishop at age 39, in 1934 he was sent to Shaghai where he built churches, an orphanage, and a hospital.  When the Communist Party came to power in China, he fled with most of the Russian emigrees to the Phillipines, going next to Paris and then Brussels.

    In 1962, St. John was appointed Archbishop of Western America and San Francisco, and celebrated Divine Liturgy daily, prayed all night (sleeping only about 45 minutes a night in short naps) and visited the sick.  He comforted and healed many people, both Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike.  This great wonder-worker died in 1966.  His incorrupt relics were uncovered at his Cathedral 26 years later, and in 1994 was glorified as a universal saint.  O Holy Father John of San Francisco, pray unto God for us!

  • From the website of St. Isaac of Syria Skete: The Holy Apostle Luke was of Greek origin and was born in Antioch, Syria. He studied philosophy, science, and art, as well as many languages, and was trained as a professional physician. He came to Israel and heard Christ preach, and then immediately left everything to follow him as one of the Seventy Apostles. St. Luke, along with St. Cleophas, met the Risen Lord on the road to Emmaus, and wrote of their hearts burning upon hearing Christ explain the Holy Scriptures to them. He wrote his Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles and dedicated them to Theophilus, the governor of Acaia. St. Luke is the first iconographer and painted the Virgin Mary from life, and she was pleased with these icons. St. Luke traveled with St. Paul and was with him in Rome converting Jews and pagans. After St. Paul was martyred, he preached of the Divine Word in Italy, Dalmatia, Macedonia, Lybia, Upper Egypt, and Greece. When St. Luke was 84 years old, he was martyred in Greece at Thebes in Beothia in 84 a.d. by idolaters who tortured him and then hanged him from an olive tree. Healing myrrh, known for healing eye ailments, flowed from his relics.
  • Handcrafted icon of the Grandmother of Christ, the Holy and Righteous Anna. Made by the nuns at Agia Skepi Monastery in White Haven, PA.
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    St. Bessarion

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    The Deisis represents the Lord with His Holy Saints and Angels supplicating towards Him.  Their hands are outstretched and their heads are bowed towards Christ sitting on the Throne of His Kingdom which will never end.  This icon is a part of such a 20th century set from Monk Michael on Mount Athos.

    From his very birth (Luke 1), St. John became famous throughout Israel by virtue of the divine signs which attended him.  He proclaimed Jesus as Christ, saying that he was “Not fit to untie the thong of His sandals” (Luke 3:16. Mark 1:7, and John 6:36).

    St. John was killed because he reprimanded Herod and Herodias for their unlawful union, and because Herod was pleased at the dancing of Herodias’ daughter Salome.  He was a fiery and blazing torch of faith and repentance, calling many in Israel to the baptism of repentance before Christ would give the baptism of spirit later.  He is an icon of faith, of faithfulness, of repentance, and of love, and by Christ’s own words, “The greatest among those born of woman.”  He stands now at Christ’s left hand in His Kingdom that can know no end.  O Holy St. John, pray to God for us!

    Approximately 5.75" x 8"

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    This icon of St. Innocent is from the iconostasis of the Optina Elders Chapel in Holy Trinity Monastery.   St. Innocent (a.d. 1797-1879) was a gifted student at his church boarding school.  He married at the age of 20 and had six children.  After serving as a deacon in Siberian Irkutsk, he was sent as a missionary to Alaska in 1824, where he worked among the native tribes, especially the Aleut Indians.  Learning the Aleut tongue, he translated many Orthodox liturgical and spiritual books into their language.  When his wife died, St. Innocent took up the monastic life, and returned to America after being consecrated its first bishop.

    St. Innocent tirelessly labored among his flock, preaching the Gospel everywhere.  He encouraged services in the common language and Native Americans to enter the priesthood.  When he was called back to Russia to become the Metropolitan of Moscow, he still worked for the American mission, asking all clergy to be fluent in English, and encouraged everyone to make the Orthodox Faith their own.  He is called the Enlightener of the Aleut and Apostle to the Americas.  O Holy St. Innocent, pray to God for us!

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    St. Constantine the Great was one of the pagan Emperors of Rome, but set out to restore peace and order when his fellow pagan Emperor Maxentios was tyrannizing much of the western empire.  Just before his battle with Maxentios’ superior forces, Constantine beheld in broad daylight a shining cross on which were inscribed the words, “In this sign, conquer!”  He ordered replicas of this cross to lead before his army, and Maxentios was defeated in 312, leaving Constantine as the sole Emperor of Rome united.

    St. Constantine signed the Edict of Milan in a.d. 313, which stopped the fierce persecution of Christians which was going on under Diocletian.  He moved the seat of the Roman Empire to New Rome, or Constantinople, in a.d. 325 and chaired the First Ecumenical Council in the same year.  St. Constantine died in 337.  St. Helen was the mother of St. Constantine and the consort of the Emperor Constantius (who ruled from a.d. 293 to 306).  She had converted to Christianity earlier.   Later she went to Jerusalem and the Holy Land to discover the sites of many places made sacred by Jesus, and helped build churches there.  She died peacefully in 330.

    Approximately 4.5" x 6"

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    St. John the Theologian

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    St. John is called both the Evangelist, as he wrote the fourth Gospel account of Christ’s life and death, and also the Theologian, as he soared like an eagle above this imperfect world in his love and understanding of the surpassing Divine Nature of the God-Man Jesus Christ, Whom he so eloquently proclaimed.  St. John was the son of Zebedee, the fisherman, and brother of St. James the Greater, and both were two of the Twelve Holy Apostles who lived and ate with Christ, and then were sent out later to preach His Gospel to the whole world.

    Called also the Apostle of Love, St. John leaned on the breast of Jesus at the time of the Mystical Supper, where the Disciples would first receive Holy Communion of Christ’s Body and Blood even before He died for them and for us.  Besides writing his Gospel of Christ, St. John also wrote three general Epistles, or letters to the whole Church, and the prophetic Revelation of things to come, all a part of the New Testament.  St. John died when he was over one hundred years old, and simply laid down in a grave and was covered over.  The grave was empty within three days.

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    The Church has in its bosom many Saints and all of the Righteous who have lived on earth as a great repository of treasure.  Once in a generation there is one of these Saints who becomes almost universally beloved by the Faithful and are great wonder-workers, healing a mulitude of people and answering inummerable prayers through Christ the Lord of Life.  Such was our blessed Father St. John of San Francisco.  He was born in 1896 in the Ukraine, studied law, and fled with his family to Yugoslavia after the Russian Revolution.  There he studied theology, became a monk, was made a priest, then at 39 was consecrated a bishop and sent to Shangai, building churches, an orphanage, and a hospital.

    When Communism came to China, he fled with most of the Russian emigrees to the Phillipines, going then to Paris and  Brussels.  In 1962, St. John became the Archbishop of Western America and San Francisco, often praying all night.  He comforted and healed many Orthodox and non-Orthodox people, working many miracles in his life.  He died in 1966, and his incorrupt relics  are at his Cathedral.  O Holy Father John, pray unto God for us!

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