• Charcoal Powder_lg
    Athonite-style charcoal powder made of grapevine cuttings from St. Anthony’s monastery. The charcoal powder has the following advantages over traditional charcoal tablets:
    • Does not produce smoke or sparks
    • Does not make noise upon lighting
    • Much cheaper than tablets
    • Use only as much as you need
    The 7-oz. can has enough powder to burn incense approximately 250 times. The 21-oz. can has enough powder to burn incense approximately 750 times.
  • charcoal-tongs_
    Approximately 5.75" long
  • Church & Home Incense

    Beautifully fragrant handmade incense from Holy Cross Hermitage Orthodox Monastery in West Virginia.
  • _MG_5827[1]
    This charcoal is imported from Greece. Each pack contains small self-lighting briquettes, suitable for most home censers. It is highly recommended to use tongs while lighting this charcoal - it gets very hot very quickly. Each briquette has a rim around the top so incense will stay in place. The Quarter-Sized pack comes with six briquettes and the Nickel-Sized pack comes with seven.
  • steel-tongs
    Approximately 5"