• divine-liturgy-usb
    Videos include:
    1. Intro to the Divine Liturgy, Course-Objectives (Part A)
    2. Intro to the Divine Liturgy, Course-Objectives (Part B)
    3. The Great Synapte
    4. Antiophons & Psalmody
    5. Theology & Prayers of 3 Antiphones
    6. Meaning of the Little Entrance
    7. History of the Little Entrance
    8. Prayer of the Little Entrance
    9. Troparia of the Day
    10. Trisagion-Hymn (History)
    11. Trisagion-Hymn (Meaning)
    12. The Trisagion Prayer
  • vespers-usb
    Videos Included: 
    1. Introduction to Vespers
    2. The Lord is King
    3. Vouchsafe, O Lord (Lead us not into temptation)
    4. Meeting of the Lord/St. Simeon's Canticle
  • divorce-healing-in-the-church-usb
    1. Objectives of This Course
    2. The Specific Challenges of Today
    3. What Does Scripture Say?
    4. The Church’s Explanation of Christ’s Word
    5. If Marriage is ”Sacrament,” Then What is Divorce?
    6. Canons & Laws on Divorce in Church History
    7. Canonical Grounds for Divorce
    8. Resentments and Healing After Divorce
    9. Ministry to Divorcees in the Orthodox Church Today
    10. How Does the Orthodox Church Approach Divorce