Elder Joseph the Hesychast (Died 1959) was one of the greatest ascetics of our century. He arrived at the Holy Mountain of Athos in time to be benefited and guided by a number of holy monks of the previous century, but the remainder of his life coincided with an era of general spiritual decline and depopulation on the Holy Mountain. He thus became a vital link in the golden chain of Athonite tradition for contemporary Orthodoxy.
The return to traditional Orthodoxy brought about by his disciples and the thousands of his spiritual grandchildren and great-grandchildren throughout Greece and North America, bears witness to the depth of his understanding and the efficacy of his guidance.
This collection of the Elder’s letters, presented now for the first time in English, makes the wealth of his wisdom and experience available to readers from all walks of life. As his extreme ascetical struggles and hesy-chastic lifestyle unfold throughout the pages, one witnesses his difficult trials and lengthy battles with the demons, his profound visions and inspired spiritual guidance, his martyric endurance in illnesses, and finally his holy repose—leaving one with the certainty that Elder Joseph was a rare example of sanctity for modern times.