Here is the toy censer you have all been looking for! This unique item is hand-crocheted and both durable and child-friendly. Gold-colored yarn is crocheted around foam hemispheres to hold the shape. The “chains” are crocheted and have minimal stretch. They come together at the top to form a loop convenient for hanging. Six bells are stitched in place at regular intervals. The censer is constructed such that a one-inch space exists between the top and bottom halves. This allows the hand-felted “charcoal” (made from black wool) to be inserted or removed.

While this item is well-made, as with any toy it will eventually show wear. Be watchful for bells that are becoming loose and either remove them or reinforce the stitching. You can order this with the bells inside for children who are likely to pull them off and put them in their mouths. You can also order it without any bells if you desire.

Dimensions: 13 inches fully-extended, 3 1/2 inches across at widest point.

Handmade by Matushka Anna Crawford