Virgin Of Kazan Triptych
Virgin Of Kazan Triptych

Virgin Of Kazan Triptych


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CENTRAL ICON: Icon of the Virgin of Kazan. One of the most highly venerated icon of the Theotokos in Russia. This icon played a large part in Russian history. This icon is the crowning jewel of the celebrated Virgin of Kazan Cathedral in St Petersburg RUSSIA.

Feast days of Our Lady of Kazan are 21 July and 4 November

LEFT DOOR: Top – An Angel

Middle – Birth of the Virgin (celebrated Sept 8th in the liturgical calendar) Mary – Pictured are SS Anne and Joachim (the parents of the Virgin Mary)

Lower – the Presentation of the Virgin Mary in the Temple (celebrated November 21st in the Eastern liturgical calendar)

RIGHT DOOR: Top – An Angel

Middle – the Annunciation (celebrated on March 25th in the liturgical calendar) – the Archangel Gabriel announcing to Mary that she was to become the Mother of God

Bottom – the Falling asleep of the Mother of God (known as the Dormition in the East and the Assumption in the West celebrated on August 15th in the liturgical calendar)


Troparion & Kontakion

Commemorated on

July 8/July 21 (Old Style)

October 22/November 4 (Old style)

Тропарь Иконе Божией Матери Казанская

Заступнице усердная, /
Мати Господа Вышняго, /
за всех молиши Сына Твоего Христа Бога нашего, /
и всем твориши спастися, /
в державный Твой покров прибегающим. /
Всех нас заступи, о Госпоже Царице и Владычице, /
иже в напастех и в скорбех, и в болезнех, обремененных грехи многими, /
предстоящих и молящихся Тебе умиленною душею/
и сокрушенным сердцем, /
пред пречистым Твоим образом со слезами /
и невозвратно надежду имущих на Тя, /
избавления всех зол, /
всем полезная даруй /
и вся спаси, Богородице Дево: /
Ты бо еси Божественный Покров рабом Твоим.

Troparion — Tone 4

O fervent Protectress, / Mother of the Lord Most High; / You intercede for all before your Son Christ our God, / Granting salvation to all who seek refuge in your protection. / Protect us all, O Queen and Sovereign Lady, / For we are stricken with grief and wounded by sin. / With tears we stand before your pure Icon, / Praying with contrite souls and humble hearts. / All our hope we place in you, / May we be delivered from evil. / Grant to all what is expedient, / And save all, O Virgin Theotokos: / For you are the Holy Protection of your servants!

Kontakion — Tone 8

Let us run to the gracious and quiet haven / The fervent helper, ardent and eager to save all. / Let us run to the Virgin’s protection and hasten to repentance. / The pure Theotokos grants us unfailing mercy / She comes to help all, delivering her faithful servants from tribulations!

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