• St. Tikhon’s Monastery Press is thrilled to announce the release of a new recording of the Divine Liturgy! The forces of St. Tikhon’s Seminary Choir and St. Tikhon’s Monastery Church Choir come together to form a twenty-voice mixed ensemble under the direction of Benedict Sheehan. Recorded live in the rich acoustical space of St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Mayfield, Pennsylvania, this new recording offers listeners an uplifting experience of a real Divine Liturgy sung in English by a community that dedicates itself daily to liturgical beauty. The music draws on the standard repertoire of St. Tikhon’s Monastery Church today, and includes well-known favorites from the Russian tradition as well as music never before recorded.

    Listen to Two Tracks Now on Soundcloud! Only Begotten Son Holy God

  • Till Morn Eternal Breaks
    This year St. Tikhon’s Monastery broke new ground for Orthodox choral music in America, creating a new ensemble, the Chamber Choir of St. Tikhon’s Monastery. The Chamber Choir of St. Tikhon’s Monastery is an all-professional ensemble, made up of some of the finest singers in the New York area and around the country. Working together with the Monastery’s resident music director, conductor and composer Benedict Sheehan, the Chamber Choir recorded its debut album of newly composed and arranged sacred music in the Orthodox tradition. Till Morn Eternal Breaks includes world-premiere recordings of some of Sheehan’s liturgical works, as well as a world-premiere recording of his Triduum Paschalae, a work for mixed chorus and soloists based on medieval English poetry and texts by Gerard Manley Hopkins.
  • Wisdom for Today from the Early Church: A Foundational Study provides a clear and powerful answer to many of the most pressing questions of today by surveying the lives and writings of early Christians. This book explores the Book of Acts, highlights the lives of the greatest disciples of the Apostles, shows how the Apologists defended the Faith, recounts how the Church repelled the heresy of Gnosticism, explains how the books of the New Testament were compiled, and much more.

    This 2nd edition now includes study guides for every chapter, perfect for educators and study groups.

  • In 2013, three esteemed theological seminaries in America— each of them in their turn an offspring of Russian Orthodoxy—celebrated major anniversaries: St. Tikhon’s Seminary and St. Vladimir’s Seminary together marked 75 years, and Holy Trinity Seminary its 65th. As a way of commemorating these joint anniversaries, the select student choirs of the three institutions came together to form a single ensemble for the first time in their respective histories.
  • Recorded at St. John the Baptist Church, Mayfield, PA in 1974 by Lawrence Havrilak, celebrated by Bishop Herman (Metropolitan Herman today). This CD was originally released on vinyl, but is now available on a two-disc CD set. Includes nearly the entirety of the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy.
  • The music on this recording is entirely based on arrangements of traditional Russian Orthodox ecclesiastical chant. Many of the melodies recorded here will be familiar to our listeners, but some of them - especially the settings by S.V. Smolensky - may be new to many people. In 1904, Stepan Vasilievich Smolensky (1848-1909), a distinguished Russian musicologist and director of the Moscow Synodal School, published a setting of the Panikhida (Memorial Service) for male choir in honor of the tenth anniversary of the repose of Tsar Alexander III. Smolensky based his new arrangements on melodies that were the fruit of his meticulous research into ancient Russian chant, applying to them the modal, and distinctly Russian, harmonic idiom of the late nineteenth century Synodal School composers. The result is an exceedingly beautiful and rich body of hymns for the Panikhida that, to our knowledge, has never before been recorded in English. Clearly, Smolensky's settings deserve to be better known, and it is our sincere hope that his music - along with all the music on this recording - find a place in the repertoire of American church choirs. With God's help, printed sheet music of all the settings here, arranged both for male and mixed choir, will be available through St. Tikhon's Monastery Press in the near future. -Benedict Sheehan, conductor
  • This recording presents a number of examples of traditional Orthodox chant, primarily from the Russian tradition, in various styles and arrangements. Featured prominently on the recording is the Russian style of chant known as Znamenny chant, which, despite three centuries of Western influence, the Russian church continued to recognize as the principal form of "canonical singing" all the way up to the Revolution. In recent decades, chant has experienced a significant revival all over the Orthodox world, both in the "old country" and the new, and this present recording from St. Tikhon's Mission Choir is but one humble attempt to make these beautiful, uplifting, and transcendent melodies a little better known to English speakers.