• Fr. Thomas approaches sin as a corporate human tragedy rooted in personal independence from God, who is Love. Using the Orthodox ascetical tradition and Holy Scripture as his bases, he addresses several topics, including: definitions and origins of sin; inherited and personal sin; the term "original sin"; recognition of sin; faith and works; addictions; mourning, anger, and forgiveness; victory over sin in Jesus Christ. 2 disc set
  • This two disc lecture set by Fr Hopko focuses on Christ crucified -- the center of the Christian faith. Fr Hopko makes the important distinction between the Word of the Cross and the words from the cross. Paradoxically, the most profound Word of the Cross is the silence of God in his ultimate act and unsurpassable revelation. As Fr Hopko states, "Beyond the Cross there is nothing more God can do. Beyond the Cross there is nothing more God can say. Beyond the Cross there is nothing more to be revealed."
  • Are icons necessary? Starting with the premise that Jesus Christ is the image of God the Father, world-renowned lecturer Fr Thomas Hopko speaks about the icon as the Presence of the living God and dispels prejudices and erroneous practices regarding images and prayer. He notes that prayer, as "union with God by God's grace," transforms our daily routines into Paradise, and he deftly defines the relationship between prayer and imagery, addressing the question: Are icons necessary for prayer?
  • 1. Objectives of This Course
    2. The Specific Challenges of Today
    3. What Does Scripture Say?
    4. The Church’s Explanation of Christ’s Word
    5. If Marriage is ”Sacrament,” Then What is Divorce?
    6. Canons & Laws on Divorce in Church History
    7. Canonical Grounds for Divorce
    8. Resentments and Healing After Divorce
    9. Ministry to Divorcees in the Orthodox Church Today
    10. How Does the Orthodox Church Approach Divorce
  • Videos include:
    1. Intro to the Divine Liturgy, Course-Objectives (Part A)
    2. Intro to the Divine Liturgy, Course-Objectives (Part B)
    3. The Great Synapte
    4. Antiophons & Psalmody
    5. Theology & Prayers of 3 Antiphones
    6. Meaning of the Little Entrance
    7. History of the Little Entrance
    8. Prayer of the Little Entrance
    9. Troparia of the Day
    10. Trisagion-Hymn (History)
    11. Trisagion-Hymn (Meaning)
    12. The Trisagion Prayer