• Brass Censer

    Brass censer with handle.
  • Quick lighting charcoal. Quarter size discs.
  • Charcoal Roll, nickle size.
  • A St. Tikhon's Monastery Press BEST-SELLER!!! (We are expecting our shipment the week of December 16th-20th, but have not been given a definite date. We will endeavor to fulfill as many orders as we can as soon as they arrive.) St. Tikhon’s Monastery Press is thrilled to announce the release of its long anticipated Orthodox Christian Prayers, edited by Hieromonk Herman and Priest John Mikitish. This richly illustrated, pocket-size, prayer book adopts the familiar translation of the St. Tikhon’s 1982  edition, refining its language where necessary and presenting it in the elegant typography that defined our popular Hieratikon. Encased in a soft leather cover with convenient marking ribbons, Orthodox Christian Prayers is made to be passed on from generation to generation. Praise for Orthodox Christian Prayers A. O'Conner (Belgium) writes,
    My prayer book arrived today! Thank you very much for your patience with me and for shipping it to Belgium. It is absolutely gorgeous and was certainly worth the wait. I'm really impressed with the quality and everything about it, really! It exceeded any expectations I had. Congratulations to St. Tikhon's for producing such a lovely prayer book. Thank you for making this precious resource available! Kind regards, A. O'Connor Belgium
    Priest John B. writes,
    New prayer book finally in my hands. Excellent job and a worthy offering. May many benefit and grow in Christ though your efforts and the efforts of the monastery brotherhood. THANK YOU!
    Buy yours today!! Regarding bookstore and bulk discounts: When our press met to determine the selling price, based upon the cost that went into the book, we were very concerned to make the retail price accessible to communities that would wish to purchase multiple copies for their congregation. The costs and quality of Orthodox Christian Prayers is nearly equivalent to our Hieratikon, which retails for $35.00. However, with price accessibility in mind, we decided to put the price point well below its real market value. Thus, aside from our current wholesale customers we are not offering any additional discounts beyond the $19.95.  
  • Sale!
    This beautifully crafted icon is of the saints who lived and prayed at St. Tikhon's monastery: St. Alexis Toth, St. Tikhon of Moscow, St. Raphael of Brooklyn, and Nikolai of South Canaan, and St. Alexander Hotovitzky. Originally commissioned by St. Tikhon's Seminary and executed by the hand of St. Tikhon's own resident iconographer, Ivan Roumantsev, these icon reproductions were carefully crafted in Russia using a specialized silk-screen technique that closely resembles the subtle brush strokes and gold leaf background of the original. Makes a perfect gift or a wonderful addition to your prayer corner. Remember and support St. Tikhon's Monastery and Seminary by your purchase.
  • High quality Brass Censer for use at home or at the Church. It has beautiful engraved decorations and a cross on top that will match perfectly your prayer corner.
  • High quality 3 chains hanging Nickel Plated Vigil Lamp (Kandili). Beautifully designed vigil lamp with a cross at the bottom.
  • High quality nickel plated wall-mounted hanging bracket for your hanging vigil Lamp (or for any other use, e.g censer). Beautiful bracket with nice details as pictured.
  • High quality wall-mounted brass hanging bracket for your hanging vigil Lamp (or for any other use, e.g censer). Beautiful bracket with nice details as pictured.
  • Christ the Teacher Russian Orthodox Icon Gold Foil, mounted on wood 7" by 8.5"

  • Virgin Of Kazan Russian Orthodox Icon Gold Foil, mounted on wood 7" by 8.5"

  • Approximately 5.75" long