2018 Liturgical Rubrics & Calendar (Revised Julian “New” Calendar)


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This book contains rubrical notes for the services throughout the year. It also contains sections on degrees of fasting, seasonal vestment colors, a lectionary for readings on special occasions, a list of canonical days for marriage, kathismata readings throughout the year, how to chant the prokeimena, and composite readings for Vigil-ranked saints or feasts.  This is an essential book for New Calendar parishes.

Scroll down to download the May 2018 Rubrics Supplement.

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2018 May Supplement

After the 2018 Liturgical Rubrics were printed it was brought to our attention that the entire month of May was absent from the completed book. Therefore, we are including as a supplement the month of May. We apologize for our mistake and for the inconvenience of not having these pages bound in the book. We will also add a link to a PDF version for the month of May on the Rubrics product page on our website.

Click here to download May 2018 Rubrics

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