2002 Christina lives in the United States
1837 St. Herman of Alaska
787 A.D. St. Kosmas the Melodos
475 A.D. St. Gerasimos of Jordan
356 A.D. St. Anthony the Great
337 A.D. St. Constantine the Great
327 A.D. St. Helen
311 A.D. St. Katherine
303 A.D. St. George the Great Martyr
138 A.D. St. Sophia & her daughters
67 A.D. St. Peter & St. Paul
Christ is born in Bethlehem
15 B.C. The Virgin Mary lives in Nazareth
250-100 B.C. St. Symeon prays to see the Savior
860 B.C. Prophet Elijah teaches about the One True God