An Englishman in the Court of the Tsar


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An English tutor to the Russian aristocracy at the turn of the twentieth century, Gibbes was being summoned to the imperial palace by Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna, granddaughter of Queen Victoria and wife of Tsar Nicholas II. He was being considered for the position of tutor to the royal children. Gibbes’s intimate connection with the Imperial Family for the next ten years would carry him into a mesmerizing world of elegance and nobility, only to be shattered by the family’s brutal murder at the hands of the Red Army. Following them to Siberia and later continuing on to China, Gibbes eventually returns full circle to Great Britain, there dedicating his life to the memory of the Imperial Family whose courage he deeply admired and whose Orthodox faith he had come to embrace.

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The Spiritual Journey of Charles Sydney Gibbes

By Christine Benagh

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