One cannot fully comprehend the meaning of liturgy in the Church, whether in East or West, without an understanding and appreciation of the musical forms by which the Word itself is conveyed. Studies in Eastern Chantis an ongoing series which provides scholars in music with the opportunity to publish the results of their latest research. Articles in the present volume of this important journal include: “A Medieval Slavonic Theoretical Treatise on Music,” by Stefan Lazorov, “Notes on Cyprian the Hymnographer,” by Mariangela Arata, “A New Approach to the Work of Chrysanthos of Madytos,” by K. Romanou, “The Relationship of Music to Text in the Akathistos Hymn,” by Antonia Filonov Gove, “Constantine A. Psachos: A Contribution to the Study of His Life and Work,” by M. Ph. Dragoumis, “Performance of the Kanon in Thessaloniki in the Fourteenth Century,” by Christian Hannick, and “Byzantine and Modern Greek Para-hymnography,” by K. Misakis.