Food, Faith, and Fasting


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by Rita Madden

Subtitle: A Sacred Journey to Better Health

Orthodox Christians fast approximately half the days of the year. But in our food-obsessed society, how do we determine our approach to eating in general? Nutritional expert Rita Madden expands on her popular podcast to help us eat in a way that is healthful for both our bodies and our souls—in times of fasting, feasting, and the ordinary days in between.


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Rita Madden, MPH, RDN, is the nutrition director for Mediterranean Wellness, a company that focuses on sensible weight loss/management and chronic disease prevention/management. She completed her graduate work in public-health nutrition at Loma Linda University. She has a podcast on the subject of food, health, and the Eastern Orthodox Faith on Ancient Faith Radio. She is also a member of the Orthodox Speakers Bureau, through which she conducts workshops on this subject matter on a nationwide level. Rita is passionate about this subject matter and is devoted to helping people form a healthy relationship with food.

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