Metaphysics as a Personal Adventure – Christos Yannaras in Conversation With Norman Russell

Metaphysics as a Personal Adventure – Christos Yannaras in Conversation With Norman Russell


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From the website of SVS Press:

Christos Yannaras remains one of the most fascinating voices in the Orthodox world. His theology is drawn less from books, than from encounters, experiences, the fate of Greece and of the world. All this is explored in an immensely engaging conversation with his principal translator, Norman Russell. An indispensible introduc-tion to the range and depth of Yannaras’ thought.

—Andrew Louth, Professor Emeritus of Patristic & Byzantine Studies, Durham

A captivating portrait of one of the most important contemporary Orthodox theologians and philosophers. It offers insight into Yannaras’ thought, and, perhaps more importantly, his ways of thinking—engaged, open, critical. It offers further depths for those already familiar with his works and a great introduction for those yet to encounter them.

—Fr Georges Florovsky Distinguished Professor of Patristics, SVS

Christos Yannaras is a philosopher, theologian, and political thinker widely regarded as one of the most important Orthodox thinkers of the twentieth century. He sees theology—along with philosophy—not as an academic enterprise, but as a serious approach to reality in all the dimensions vital to life today. A controversial figure, he castigates much of what passes for Christianity in the East as well as in the West, calling it a religionization of faith. In this book he responds to searching questions concerning his work, setting his thinking as a whole in an integrated vision of knowledge, truth, relationship, and salvation.

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CHRISTOS YANNARAS is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the Panteion University of Athens. He is also well known in Greece as a public intellectual through his newspaper columns and television appearances.

NORMAN RUSSELL is an honorary research fellow of St Stephen’s House, Oxford. He is a noted patristics scholar and the English translator of several of Yannaras’s books.

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