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“The term ‘eschatology’ (from the GreekĀ eskhatos ‘last’) is often interpreted as referring exclusively to the Second Coming of the Lord and to the life to come. However, eschatology, as understood and experienced in the Orthodox Tradition, also refers to all the salutary and eternal events of Christ’s life on earth, which were accomplished once and for all in the power of the eternal Spirit. By means of the worship and Sacraments of the Church, man becomes a participant in these events already from this life and receives a foretaste of eternity here and now.”

From the Introduction:

“Our book is a journey through the liturgical landscape from Lent through Easter to Pentecost. We begin with the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee and travel through each Sunday and main Feast of these two periods of the liturgical year. The texts are accompanied by carefully edited images from the Orthodox iconographic and liturgical tradition, as well as by contemporary line drawings… The Church teaches that time is not only a linear sequence of events, but a more complex phenomenon of which we have much to learn. Seen through the perspective of Salvation-history, time becomes the place of an ongoing relationship between God and Man. God came down to us in order to save us. We are able to meet with Him while yet in this life, in every Feast of the Church.”

Archimandrite Zacharias’ book is a wonderful collection of reflections for lay readers and families. It consists of short chapters interspersed with liturgical odes and iconographic work from The Monastery of St. John the Baptist in Essex.

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Journeying with the Church, in the Light of the Feasts

By: Archimandrite Zacharias

Hardcover, 203 pages

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