Panikhida & Funeral Service Book

Panikhida & Funeral Service Book


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Introducing the NEW Panikhida & Funeral Service Book. This new edition, based on the “time-tested” 1972 Panikhida by Fr. Igor Soroka, now includes both the Panikhida and Funeral Services along with a new Alternate Music section. The book is a handsome 4.5 x 6.5, 154 pp, softcover edition available for $14.95. We’ve included the forward from the book and sample pages below.

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From the Forward:

ORTHODOX LITURGICAL MUSIC in English is a young tradition, but one no longer in its infancy. Some of the principal monuments that have shaped our practice of singing in the Orthodox Church in America are passing fifty years old, and many parishes are now witnessing a third generation growing up in the Church since English became the dominant liturgical language. Composers, arrangers, and editors of church music today therefore find themselves in the position of building upon an existing foundation of music in English, rather than, as it were, breaking new ground. This is a delicate task.

Fr. Igor Soroka first published his Panikhida: Service for Those Fallen Asleep in 1972. These were the early years. Most American parishes had only lately begun to celebrate services in English, if they were doing so at all, and the demand for new liturgical materials was sudden and pressing. Outwardly, Fr. Soroka’s self-published volume is a humble one, and perhaps it was only ever meant to be a temporary solution. However, something about his book has stood the test of time. It is hard to think of a liturgical book in English that is better known or used more frequently. In an era of seemingly endlessly proliferating liturgical publications, the “Soroka Book” has remained a constant in OCA parishes across the country.

It was with some trepidation, therefore, that our music publications committee at St. Tikhon’s Monastery Press undertook the long-overdue task of creating a new edition of the Memorial and Funeral services. After much deliberation—and several abortive attempts—we decided that the best approach was to build upon the remarkably solid foundation laid by Fr. Soroka. We have made changes and updates where necessary, but we have left the greater part of the hymnography unaltered. In keeping with the precedent set by our recent Common Book of Church Hymns: Divine Liturgy, we have opted to notate the music on a single staff in two voices, but in a way that implies standard four-part harmony if the forces are available. (For more information on how to harmonize the music in this book, you may refer to the aforementioned volume, pp. xiv–xvii.)

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Monk Daniel, who, with great skill and sensitivity, took the lead on the project and did most of the work, we now humbly offer the present volume of the Memorial and Funeral Services of the Orthodox Church. May it serve for the upbuilding of the Church, and may it be useful to all those who offer prayers for those who have gone to their rest before us.” – BENEDICT SHEEHAN

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