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The Apostol book contains all of the New Testament following the Gospels, except Revelation. The book contains appendices which give the various prokeimena, Alleluia verses and readings for a given day of the year, along with additional information for vigil rank saints and Feasts of the Lord and the Mother of God. The Apostol contains the respective pericope number in the margin of the text. This is a deluxe, two-colored edition, is in both black and red ink, includes two bookmarks, and has the smyth sewn binding.

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The Apostol is a deluxe two-colored edition, in both black and red ink, and has the best smyth sewn binding. Everything is included for the epistle readings for the entire liturgical year, complete with pericope numbering that corresponds to the St Tikhon’s Press Annual Rubrics publication.


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