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Hieratikon: Office Book for Priest & Deacon


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The Hieratikon from St. Tikhon’s Monastery Press contains Vespers, Compline, Midnight Office, Matins, and the Hours, given in all their forms: Sunday, festal, daily, Lenten, for the Departed, and Paschal; Magnifications and Matins Prokimena; Dismissals; Monthly calendar; Censing patterns.

All the texts needed by priest and deacon are provided, put in the context of a brief account of the singers’ and readers’ parts of the service, so that the clergy can use this book to follow along as a service is progressing.
The different variations of each service used throughout the year (festal, daily, Lenten, etc.) are each laid out in their own section, so there is little confusion while following the order of service. To keep the book compact, not every litany and prayer is printed in full in each section, but a page cross reference is always provided.
The Hieratikon’s rubrics were carefully written to provide clear and detailed, but succinct, descriptions of the Russian liturgical practice inherited by the O.C.A. from her mother Church.

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The Hieratikon uses translations already well-known in the OCA and the wider Orthodox community in America, using the traditional style of liturgical English, and with the texts carefully compared to Greek and Slavonic for accuracy.
Physical properties
6 x 3.75 x .75 inches (pocket sized)
336 pp.
Smyth sewn binding
hard cover, bonded leather
gilded page edges
40 lb. opaque, high quality paper
three ribbons
text in red and black ink
Painstaking typographical design
Dozens of hand-drawn icons and decorations
Hierodeacon Herman (Majkrzak), Vitaly Permiakov, editors
ISBN: 978-0-9905029-2-0

Hieratikon Errata Downloads

Errata 1/28/2015 – Download revised versions of pages 186 & 242 for the Hieratikon: Office Book for Priest and Deacon. The first petition of the Augmented Litany on these pages is from the wrong litany.

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