Saint Paisios of Mt. Athos – Spiritual Counsels, Volume 2: Spiritual Awakening


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This book is an anthology of the many discussions Elder Paisios had with his spiritual children, especially the nuns of St. John the Theologian Monastery in Souroti, Thessaloniki.

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The topics are ordered thematically in currently four different titles. In this second volume, Spiritual Awakening, the topics are:

  1. Part One – The Responsibility of Love
    1. The Indifferent Generation
    2. The Presence of a Christian is a Confession of Faith
    3. To the Pure All Things Are Pure
    4. Actions With Prudence and Love
  2. Part Two – Struggle and Devoutness
    1. The Good Fight
    2. How the Devil Works
    3. The Benefits of Good Fellowship
    4. Devoutness Moves God
    5. Self-Offering Provides Divine Oxygen
  3. Part Three – Spiritual Bravery
    1. The Signs of the Times
    2. Sacrifice Brings Joy
    3. Bravery is Born of Trust in God
    4. For the Faithful, Martyrdom is a Festival
  4. Part Four – Dependence Upon Heaven
    1. God’s Providence for Man
    2. Faith and Trust in God
    3. Where Man Cannot Reach, God Provides Help
  5. Part Five – Spiritual Weapons
    1. Prayer is a Powerful Weapon
    2. Monasteries Are the Fortresses of the Church
    3. The Deeper Meaning of Life

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