Saint Paisios of Mt. Athos – Spiritual Counsels, Volume 4: Family Life


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This book is an anthology of the many discussions Elder Paisios had with his spiritual children, especially the nuns of St. John the Theologian Monastery in Souroti, Thessaloniki.

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The topics are ordered thematically in currently four different titles. In this fourth volume, Family Life, the topics are:

  1. Part One – Supporting the Family
    1. For a Harmonious Family
    2. With Patience the Family is Saved
  2. Part Two – Parents and Their Obligations
    1. Childbearing
    2. The Role of the Mother in Raising Children
    3. The Parents’ Responsibility for Raising Their Children
  3. Part Three – Children and Their Obligations
    1. Children, Their Joys and Their Difficulties
    2. The Respect and Love of Children for Parents
  4. Part Four – Spiritual Life
    1. Spiritual Life in the Family
    2. Work and Spiritual Life
    3. Self Control in Daily Life
  5. Part Five – The Trials in Our Life
    1. “We Went Through Fire and Through Water…”
    2. Illness
    3. Disability is a Blessing From God
    4. Spiritual Laws
  6. Part Six – Death and the Future Life
    1. Facing Death
    2. “Ye Sorrow Not, Even as Others Who Have No Hope”
    3. Life After Death

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