The Church has in its bosom many Saints and all of the Righteous who have lived on earth as a great repository of treasure.  Once in a generation there is one of these Saints who becomes almost universally beloved by the Faithful and are great wonder-workers, healing a mulitude of people and answering inummerable prayers through Christ the Lord of Life.  Such was our blessed Father St. John of San Francisco.  He was born in 1896 in the Ukraine, studied law, and fled with his family to Yugoslavia after the Russian Revolution.  There he studied theology, became a monk, was made a priest, then at 39 was consecrated a bishop and sent to Shangai, building churches, an orphanage, and a hospital.

When Communism came to China, he fled with most of the Russian emigrees to the Phillipines, going then to Paris and  Brussels.  In 1962, St. John became the Archbishop of Western America and San Francisco, often praying all night.  He comforted and healed many Orthodox and non-Orthodox people, working many miracles in his life.  He died in 1966, and his incorrupt relics  are at his Cathedral.  O Holy Father John, pray unto God for us!

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