Church & Home Incense: Old Church (1oz)

Church & Home Incense: Old Church (1oz)


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Beautifully fragrant handmade incense from Holy Cross Hermitage Orthodox Monastery in West Virginia.

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Product Description

“We bottled up the aroma of an ancient Byzantine basilica with wooden rafters overhead and the smoke of frankincense lingering in the air. Old Church incense is a complex and woody blend of labdanum, frankincense, cedar & fir needle and vetiver, with a touch of spices.” 1 oz

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Incense Scent

Damask Rose, Lindisfarne, Lavender Wood, Jerusalem, Myrrh, Iveron, English Rose, Lily of Aegina, Old Church, Evergreen and Embers, Hyssop, Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Bethlehem Rose, Blachernae Rose, Cassia, Flowers of Cyprus, Kursk, Burning Bush, Constantinople, Catacombs, Svir, Ethiopian Frankincense, Amber, Byzantium, Garden of Gethsemene


1 Ounce, Half Pound