Sung by the choirs of St Vladimir’s Seminary

Arranged for English-language liturgical use in North America, these chants draw from various musical traditions of the Orthodox Church and include, among other selections:

  • Gladsome Light, Znamenny chant
  • “The Shadow of the Law,” Znamenny chant
  • St Symeon’s Prayer, Byzantine chant
  • Antiphon XV at the Entrance of the Cross on Great and Holy Friday, Byzantine chant
  • The Polyeleon (Psalm 135), Byzantine chant
  • Exapostilarion of Bridegroom Matins, Bulgarian melody
  • Kathisma Hymn of Great and Holy Thursday, Carpatho-Rusyn chant
  • Kathisma Hymn of Paschal Nocturns, Bulgarian melody
  • “Christ is Risen,” Serbian and Byzantine chant