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Orthodox Talks in English – No. 1: Near Death and Out of Body Experiences

One can find a large number of books in almost any bookstore or library, some of them bestsellers, on “Near-Death Experiences.” Moreover, these experiences are also portrayed on the Internet, on television, and in films. They relate the experiences of people who have nearly died or who in fact have died and then returned to life. Such people often describe meeting a “being of light” that is full of love and non-judgemental. Accounts of these “Near-Death Experiences” have influenced public opinion on matters relating to death and the afterlife.

Many, unfortunately including some Orthodox Christians, feel that this new teaching offers a more enlightened and humane approach towards death and dying. These accounts have even been promoted as a helpful way to prepare the dying for the transition from this life to the next. It is claimed that these accounts remove the fear of death, replacing it with a calm acceptance of, or even an eager anticipation of death and the afterlife.

Some of the topics included in this talk are: ancient civilizations and their belief in the afterlife; why scientists and doctors have become interested in dying and the afterlife; negative opinions about traditional Christian teachings on the afterlife; how modern near-death and afterlife experiences promote suicide; spiritual communism in the West; visions at the time of death; society’s need to help the dying; why many cannot feel emotions without a “movie soundtrack”; does love justify everything? is love an excuse for adultery? society’s objection to the mentioning of hell as a reality; the three types of ESP: natural, divine and demonic.

Talk Duration: 130 minutes

With the blessing of


Archbishop of Sydney, Australia and New Zealand

First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia