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Paraklesis to the Most Holy Theotokos CD


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From the Holy Trinity Cathedral website:


In early summer of 2007, Archbishop JOB (Osacky) undertook a personal project, the musical arrangement of the service of Paraklisis (supplicatory canon to the Most-holy Theotokos) in four-part harmony, employing the Carpatho-Rusyn Sacred Chant (Cerkovnoje Prostopinije).  In the hymnographical spirit of “Come, all who love the feasts, let us form a choir…” several singers were recruited informally from among the various parishes in the Greater Chicago area to form a choir.

The St. Alexis Men’s Chorus of Chicago has released a CD of the Paraklisis arranged and directed by His Eminence, Archbishop JOB.  Proceeds from the sale of this CD will go to the Seminarian Scholarship Fund of the diocese of the Midwest.  The CDs are available at the candle desk and also in the Cathedral’s Book Store for $15.  Stop by to purchase one!

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  1. Opening Anthem
  2. Opening Psalm 143
  3. “God is the Lord”and Troparia (4th Tone)
  4. Psalm 50/51
  5.  Canon, Odes 1,3,4,5, and
  6. Steadfast Protectress of Christians
  7. Stretch Forth Your Arms To Us
  8.  Prokeimenon: “I Will Remember Your Name” (4th Tone)
  9. Gospel Reading (Luke 1:39-49, 56
  10. Post Gospel Stichera (6th Tone)
  11. Post Gospel Sticheron: “Do Not Leave Us” (Model Melody: “Having Set All Their Hope”)
  12. Canon, Ode 7: “Having Arrived in Babylon”
  13. Canon, Ode 8: “You Pray For All”
  14. Canon, Ode 9: “Hear Oh Daughter…”
  15. Doxastikon at the Praises: “Rejoice, O Praise of the Universe” (8th Tone)
  16. Troparia of Repentence: “Have Mercy On Us” (Tone 6)
  17. Prayer to the Holy Theotokos
  18. Dormition Exaspostilarion: “O Apostles Assembled Here”
  19. Dismissal
  20. Sorrowful Mother (paraliturgical hymn)
  21. Beneath Your Compassion (paraliturgical hymn)

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