The Akathistos Hymn


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In the recording, The Akathistos Hymn, British composer Ivan Moody blends medieval Byzantine chant with richly-textured Russian style choruses in this stunning vocal work, composed expressly for Cappella Romana. This is a World Premiere Recording and is a setting in English with the traditional Greek refrains.

Ivan Moody was born in London in 1964. He has studied music and theology at the Universities of London (winning the Royal Holloway Prize in 1984 for his Three Poems of Anna Akhmatova), Joensuu and York, his composition teachers being Brian Dennis, Sir John Tavener and William Brooks. He lives at present in Estoril, Portugal, with his wife, the singer Susana Diniz Moody, and their three children, Sebastian, Sofia and Barbara.

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Album Tracks:

Disc One
1. First Koukoulion
2. Second Koukoulion
First Stasis
3. Ikos One (Original Prologue)
4. Ikos Two
5. Ikos Three
6. Ikos Four
7. Ikos Five
8. Ikos Six
Second Stasis
9. Ikos Seven
10. Ikos Eight
11. Ikos Nine
12. Ikos Ten
13. Ikos Eleven
14. Ikos Twelve
Disc Two
Third Stasis
1. Ikos Thirteen
2. Ikos Fourteen
3. Ikos Fifteen
4. Ikos Sixteen
5. Ikos Seventeen
6. Ikos Eighteen
Fourth Stasis
7. Ikos Nineteen
8. Ikos Twenty
9. Ikos Twenty-one
10. Ikos Twenty-two
11. Ikos Twenty-three
12. Ikos Twenty-four
13. Second Koukoulion (again)
14. O Tebe raduetsya

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