About establishing and maintaining wholesale & bookstore accounts

St. Tikhon’s Monastery Press is grateful to offer our publications to a number of large bookstores including Ancient Faith, Holy Trinity (Jordanville) and St. Vladimir’s. We also work with a number of small, church bookstores both in the United States and abroad.

We are able to offer a variety of discounts based on the volume of sales.

Customers may register as a “Church bookstore” provided they purchase at least 6 items per transaction and are re-selling the items (i.e. items are not being purchased for church use but are rather being sold at full retail price) “Church bookstores” receive 20% off all STM press titles and 10% off all other titles.

Customers may register as a “Retail bookstore” provided they purchase at least 20 items per transaction, are re-selling the items at the list price, and anticipate purchasing at least $750.00 (after discounts) of merchandise annually. These large volume, wholesale accounts can receive 40% off all STM Press titles, 30% off all SVS titles, and 10% off all other titles.

Website accounts will be routinely checked against transaction history to insure requirements are met and the user status may be changed if sales do not justify discounts.

In order to set up a church bookstore or wholesale account, simply register here ( https://www.stspress.com/my-account/ ). Next, e-mail us at: orders@stspress.com to request that your account be considered for the appropriate wholesale discount. If the account is approved, your account status will be changed and, thereafter, once you are logged in, you will receive discounts on all STM titles respective of your discount schedule.

Our website is not equipped to process purchase orders (invoice payment). If you have an existing account, please e-mail us at orders@stspress.com to inquire about submitting a purchase order.